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Relationships4adults.com is a potpourri of personal development, relationships, spirituality, and anything that will make your life easier. You’ll find information on here that is so unique and important that marriage counselors and relationship coaches wish they knew.

I’m here to help and encourage you (and me) to have an amazing relationship with yourself first. Once you do that there is no stopping you! You’ll have amazing relationships with most everyone i.e. family, friends, co-workers and  partners. I did say most! Of course there are those uncontrollable situations and people that you can’t do anything about.

But don’t despair! I will give real life examples and my hard core experiences as a human being, just like you. We are allowed to be imperfect and make mistakes. Yep, that’s right, we make mistakes! If we didn’t we would be robots, and that would be boring. So let’s keep life exciting and make mistakes. BUT! Let’s learn how to minimize our mistakes, make them less severe, and learn from them so we don’t have to repeat them. Sounds crazy! However, crazy can be fun.  

I feel I’ve already made a difference in this world by being the best father to my girls. As of this writing they are both 19 years young (almost.) Hey, since I’m the best father on this planet, why not help others too? I can be your virtual mentor. 

I started with my girls, and now I can help others. Start with yourself first, and then you can help others in ways you never thought possible. Start having a relationship with yourself first and you will have amazing relationships…..I promise.

People ask me what I have a degree in, what experience do I have. I tell them I have a degree in: honesty, kindness, mistakes, relationships, and life. What better way of helping someone with degrees like that?  

Yes, I am a real person, with real experiences. I just happen to have a unique awareness about people and myself. This is something you can’t learn in school. Speaking of school, I would like someday to teach about relationships in our schools.

Okay onward! What about you, you’re important too! I want to know all about you? You can leave comments, take a poll, and express yourself in the forum. 

Who’s your biggest teacher? It should be you! You have the answers to all your questions. Really! I am amazed when talking to people with screwed up lives and relationships how much they know! They just don’t know how to apply it. I will teach you that, don’t worry.

I will keep this as real as possible. I won’t try to drill something in you that you’ve heard a million times. I won’t fill your head with the common jargon of how you’re supposed to be appreciative, love everyone, be brave, be positive, etc. Yes, yes yes, we’ve all heard the mantras. It is all true, and common sense, but enough is enough. We want to hear “HOW” we can be more of a happier person. Okay, ranting is officially over :twisted:  

Make sure you subscribe to my blog updates. Subscribers eventually will receive free stuff! I am currently working on a system that will reprogram your subconscious mind. The reprogramming will make it easier for you to attract who and what into your life more easily, including money and health. Yes, it is all related, attraction is attraction. My subscribers will get this program for free. I will charge everyone else big bucks. No, not really, I’m not sure how much I will charge yet.

Check out the growing resource page for free stuff. Also all my ads you see there on the side help to keep this blog rolling. They are safe to view, and they will never give you a virus. They come from google adsense, and adsense ads are all paid for by reputable companies. All my affiliate ads are checked by me personally. That means I won’t sell anything on this site unless I’ve done extensive research on the company. The companies have to be very professional and  legitimate. They also have to have a good reputation.

So let’s take this journey together and become super beings, let’s improve our awareness and conquer our inner demons. Let’s become better people together.


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