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The pain of rejection can be excruciating. That’s what happens when you take it personal. What if I told you that rejection in most cases isn’t personal, and what if I told you I can help you to actually welcome rejection so you can use it to your advantage?

I promise you by the end of this article you’ll see rejection in a different light. You’ll also see rejection as a gift, and not as a disappointment.

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What are your Red Flags?

Today we will discuss what a Red Flag is, and how as an individual we accept or reject a person depending on our interpretation of what a red flag is to us. Also, we will discuss how important it is to see the red flags early on, and what kind of impact it will be on our relationship if we fail to recognize them early enough. 

My personal red flags 

I thought it would be important to give you an example of my red flags so you’ll have some perspective. It’s good to compare in some instances, and this is one of them.

My red flags are: Drinking, smoking, swearing, abusive behavior, not willing to compromise, judging me, and wanting me to be different, just to name a few.

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Top ten qualities women like in a Man

What personal qualities do men have that females are attracted to? Are you attracted to personality, honesty, being affectionate, playfulness, sociability, friendliness, kindness, politeness, etc? Of course you’re probably attracted to all of these qualities. However, what do you see that is most important to you from this list of one through ten?

You might say all of them are important, however, I’m not trying to discount any of these qualities and say this one’s better than that one. We all have our favorites and personal preferences. They can’t all be equal, there has to be some degree of favoritism.

Okay, so I’ve done my homework and research, interviewed women, and listed the qualities in the order as most women see them. However, I will have a poll at the bottom of this article and I would like to know your personal preferences.

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How to find the Ultimate Relationship


The definition of an ultimate relation is: You are both totally honest with each other, you communicate always, you never fight or argue, you never get annoyed or irritated, you’re always polite and conscientious, and you always say and do the right things. If you believe this, you need serious help!

 I know of a woman that teaches about relationships in the town I live in. She met a man in one of her classes and they fell in love. They soon vacationed on a remote island and he proposed to her. This all happened in the course of two months. 

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Annoying Partners and Why You are Annoyed

I’m going to take a different twist on this subject, and instead of questioning why partners are annoying, how about: why are you annoyed? Granted, there are partners that are really annoying and they can get on your nerves.  You just want to get far away from them, and maybe you should.

However, this article is for those that get annoyed because certain needs aren’t met. What that means is they may be feeling any one of these emotions: frustration, insecurity, hopelessness, and physical discomfort. If you are in any of these emotional states then anyone can be your annoying victim. Let’s find out the source, and how this can be resolved.

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50 Ways to Appreciate Your Lover


Inspired by the song “Fifty Ways to leave Your Lover” I decided to write about how we can appreciate our lover instead. 

 “There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.” – Mother Theresa 

 Showing appreciation to your partner is one of several requirements for having a healthy relationship. You don’t have to be perfect at it. You just need to be good at it.

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Why do Men Act The Way They do?

Are you asking the questions: Why do men act so emotionally desensitized? How come they don’t understand how I feel? Why do most men seem so unattached to their emotional feelings? And why are men so different than women when it comes to emotions?  

Nine out of ten women (and men) would like to know the answer to these questions. Are you one of them?  We speak the same language, but we express our feelings and emotions differently. The way men and women express themselves has become the result of thousands of years of conditioning.

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Should I Feel Chemistry on The First Date?

There are huge misconceptions on when we should feel chemistry with another person. Many potential relationships have never even gotten a chance because of these misconceptions. Maybe you have already thought you found your partner several times. However, due to false preconceptions, you didn’t realize it and lost your chance.

First impressions should play a small part in determining if a person is right or wrong for you (excluding the obvious, of course.) When you first meet a person, you really don’t know them. First dates can be awkward and oftentimes it can be difficult to genuinely be ourselves. We don’t have the opportunity to witness the other person in a relaxed state of being. Given a chance, who knows, maybe you will come to like them.
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Conflicting Thoughts-A Helpful Solution

One of our biggest challenges in life is having conflicting thoughts. You may have many conflicting thoughts several times a day and not even be aware of it. Conflicting thoughts can be very detrimental to your relationships, and impede your happiness. Control your thoughts and you will control what happens to you, literally! I am writing this article for reference and informational purposes.  I mention conflicting thoughts in my articles periodically. You will be able to reference back to this article to understand what I’m talking about. This is important for you to comprehend, because when understood and applied, it can change your life.

Thoughts into feelings

You have a thought first which starts the creating process. Your feelings are an interpretation of thoughts. Feelings are signals from your thoughts; they reflect back to you if there is fulfillment (alignment) or conflict (misalignment). When you learn to listen (interpret) what your feelings are saying, you can start manifesting things and people that are benefiting your growth. I will write a separate article on what I call “First Feelings’ so you will understand how to listen to your feelings, and know what they are saying. For now I will focus on thoughts primarily so you’re not overwhelmed.

Understanding How Thoughts Work

Thoughts are magnetic; you attract people and things in your life according to what you’re transmitting (thinking). Every thought you have, has  power behind it. If you have conflicting thoughts; they cancel each other out. That’s why it takes so long for you to get what you want. It would be like running around in circles. Thoughts need direction without an interception (conflicting thoughts).

Thought waves are similar to radio waves, but at a higher frequency and more sophisticated. You can’t see them, but they are everywhere. If we think a certain thought we send it out at a certain frequency. For example: a specific thought you’re sending out might be at 1000 megahertz (megahertz is a unit of measurement). Like attracts like, anything or anyone with a similar vibration, would be attracted to you. In other words, a radio tuned to 97.3 will pick up on the frequency 97.3 megahertz. All the radio station frequencies are all around you, but you only tune into that specific one, which is 97.3. Same with thoughts, what thought or frequency are you tuned into now? It depends on what you are open to, you are the radio-receiving thoughts, and you are the radio station-sending out thoughts. You send out and you receive. Positive thoughts may be thought of as higher frequencies, and negative thoughts are lower frequencies.

*This is a very basic description of thought waves. It gets more involved and much more complicated. You don’t need to know how you attract things and people into your life, unless you want to. All you need to know for now is how to stop the conflict. The details will take care of themselves.

What are conflicting thoughts?

Conflicting thoughts are two thoughts that are out of alignment, or out of sync. If you have a thought: I want to be rich, and in the same breath (so to speak) you think, how’s that possible? That would be considered a conflicting thought. Let’s say your thought “I want to be rich” is vibrating at 2000 megahertz, and your thought of “How’s that possible” is vibrating at 1000 Megahertz.  They both have to be at, or close to the same frequency in order to manifest what you want. In this situation, they are canceling each other out, and so nothing happens. Got it? Another example is: “I want to be rich,” and “I think it’s possible” are closer in frequencies. The chances are greater and manifesting what you want is quicker when the frequencies are closer together. There is a caveat, you can’t fake it; you have to feel it. Words don’t carry any weight, however, feelings do.

Understanding Conflicting Thoughts

Now you know how dangerous you can be to yourself and others. We now know we can’t fake it. Thinking positive is not enough. We have to feel positive.

We either live by default, or we live consciously. Living by default means; we are unconscious of our thoughts, and therefore we create haphazardly. We follow along with someone else’s ideas, thoughts, or advice, without question. It’s almost like going downstream without a paddle. Wherever the current takes you, that’s where you will go.

Living consciously means; we are aware of our thoughts, and we create our lives on purpose. Living by default, or living consciously is never 100%. Living by default you still have some control, while living consciously you have more control.

Not making a decision, going back and forth is a conflicting thought. Imagine a tug of war where both sides are of equal strength. Nobody wins. It’s a stalemate.

The Solution

Rather than trying to monitor your thoughts, I encourage that you simply pay attention to how you are feeling. For if you should choose thoughts that are not in harmony with each other, you will feel the discord; and then you can easily redirect your thought to something that feels better and, therefore, serves you better.

How you feel is the answer; how you feel about yourself (self-esteem) how you feel when something doesn’t feel right, and how you feel when something does feel right. How you feel about yourself will determine how you act and what things, situations and people you attract in your life.

If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it, if it feels right, do more of it, simple, but not easy to do. Practice listening to your feelings whenever something doesn’t feel right. Act quickly before the logical mind talks you out of it.



* For detailed information: http://www.psitek.net/pages/PsiTekPMI2.html



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