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Jealousy – How to get past it

Jealously is an emotion that doesn’t go away. We all feel it to a certain degree, but when does it become a problem? How can we control it before it ruins our relationships?

Too many relationships are ruined by this misunderstood emotion. This is your lucky day because I hope to clear things up for you about this destructive emotion before we conclude this article.

First and foremost we have to STOP blaming! Really, blame is the spark that will ignite a plethora of unimaginable problems. However, I can understand that it can sometimes be impossible or challenging to not blame.

Basically, jealousy is considered an act followed by your insecurities and instincts. I believe that to some extent, but I also believe there are different kinds, and degrees of jealousy. If your partner is flirting with another person for example, I understand the jealousy and anger that you may feel.

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