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Who the heck is Tony Rivera?


Tony Rivera is a businessman, coach, mentor, writer, and father. He has studied and observed the psychology of influence with human behavior, Law of Attraction, and personal transformation for over a decade. Tony’s parents studied personal development for over 30 years. He has been influenced by his parents and mentors all of his life. He has decided to take advantage of this knowledge to help others. Tony has an innate ability to read people, and to understands why people act the way they do.

Tony is a mentor and a good example to others. He believes everyone should have a mentor of some sort to succeed in life. To have a guide or a good example to help alleviate the frustrations sometimes encountered through life’s experiences.

He is the founder and developer of a new therapeutic system called AST (Assisted Self Therapy.) He assists people in finding the solution to their problems by utilizing the power of their own mind. The philosophy behind this is to become more self sufficient, and to know the answers are within you. Create your life on purpose, and gain self confidence by taking responsibility for your actions. You will then feel better about yourself, subsequently attracting better feeling things and quality people into your life.

He believes communication and relationships are synonymous; one should not exist without the other. To be complete we need to develop a relationship with ourselves first, learning to listen and trust our feelings when they are communicating to us. Knowing what feels right, and what doesn’t.


Tony is very active and young for his age. He is an accomplished Martial Artist and a black belt in MMA. He has taken martial arts for 14 years and currently training to be a Kickboxing instructor.  He also enjoys hiking, partner dancing and most outdoor activities.

What I have Realized 

1. I realized that all my physical problems were the direct result of avoiding situations, and limiting my belief of what is possible for me to achieve. 
2. I realized it is never too late to start something new. Life is continuous, we can continue where we left off, or start over. 
3. I realized that when someone says: “It isn’t possible” all that means is it’s not possible  for them, and it has no reflection on me.  
4. I’ve realized that everyone has their own opinion and definition of what’s right or wrong, and if I don’t believe in what they are doing, or what they say, doesn’t necessarily make them wrong. Hence, the idea of different realities.  


AST is an acronym for Assisted-Self-Therapy. AST can aid you in all areas of your life. You start with a relationship with yourself first. From there you are able to have successful relationships with other people. This would include relationships with family, friends, partners, and business associates.

AST is based on your belief system, your feelings, your level of understanding and what you are attracting into your life according to your thoughts.

AST focuses on you becoming aware of your feelings and the interpretation of what your feelings are telling you. I will assist you in how you can solve your own problems by understanding and being aware of your actions in a given situation.

AST takes away the focus on what other people are doing,  and transfers that focus back to you,  enabling you to take control and make better decisions.  You take the blame, guilt and comparison out of the experience and utilize that energy to move forward into new levels of understanding.

Happiness is a byproduct of knowing, contentment, satisfaction, and alignment. AST will help you focus on what works for you so you will be happier in your relationships. You will feel better about yourself and your whole life will transform both mentally and physically to a larger degree.

With my help, you will soon realize the mistakes you are making, and as you improve, you will  avoid most of those uncomfortable situations before they begin.

Thank you,


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