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Advance Communication – How to Improve your Communication Skills

Communication is one of the most important aspects in a relationship. Yet how many of us really know how to communicate effectively? Close to zero is the real answer. Why?  Because we are never taught how to communicate. There are higher levels of communication that I will touch on in this article. There are also higher levels of being as opposed to acting and reacting to our past. Continue Reading →

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Top Ten Sexy Flirtatious Steps that will Drive a Man Absolutely Insane!


Females! Take note because you may have what it takes to drive a man absolutely crazy! Studies have shown  while attractive female bodies can make a man lose his mind, there are other qualities that can supersede  physical appearance. These qualities can be developed by most women. So, if you think you don’t have what it takes physically to attract a man, then this article may be for you. In other words, a plain average looking person can be a sexual magnet after you learn how to capitalize on these hidden qualities you may possess. Continue Reading →

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Top ten qualities women like in a Man

What personal qualities do men have that females are attracted to? Are you attracted to personality, honesty, being affectionate, playfulness, sociability, friendliness, kindness, politeness, etc? Of course you’re probably attracted to all of these qualities. However, what do you see that is most important to you from this list of one through ten?

You might say all of them are important, however, I’m not trying to discount any of these qualities and say this one’s better than that one. We all have our favorites and personal preferences. They can’t all be equal, there has to be some degree of favoritism.

Okay, so I’ve done my homework and research, interviewed women, and listed the qualities in the order as most women see them. However, I will have a poll at the bottom of this article and I would like to know your personal preferences.

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