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Top Ten Sexy Flirtatious Steps that will Drive a Man Absolutely Insane!


Females! Take note because you may have what it takes to drive a man absolutely crazy! Studies have shown  while attractive female bodies can make a man lose his mind, there are other qualities that can supersede  physical appearance. These qualities can be developed by most women. So, if you think you don’t have what it takes physically to attract a man, then this article may be for you. In other words, a plain average looking person can be a sexual magnet after you learn how to capitalize on these hidden qualities you may possess.

I do urge women to be careful to not abuse this potential quality into controlling a man. This means you should use this new and unique talent to improve your chances in attracting a man, but not used for  manipulating him. Be careful with that because manipulating someone will result in consequences that will attract  uncomfortable experiences for you through the law of attraction. Also, these techniques can be used to enhance and spice up your current relationship.

The purpose of this article is to help those women that have a difficult time attracting men and for women (as I said above) to spice up their current sometimes boring relationship. Men are attracted to certain gestures, traits and personalities that should be subtle but yet are very encouraging when executed with skill and finesse.

For example, smiling, touching your hair, touching his shoulders and eye contact are all great ways to attract a man. However, the way you do it along with exquisite timing is essential. I know of a few women that if they applied these techniques I would fall victim to their magic. I’m kidding…….a little, it would definitely make a difference in the way I see and feel about them for sure. Also, if you can find that fine line between being interested but not act interested in a man then you’ve come half way. Too interested sends them running to another woman, not being interested makes them want you even more. Most people want what they can’t have, a strange phenomena indeed!

Remember this, men relate most things to sex, sorry, it’s in our nature. So if you are eating a banana or licking an ice cream cone men associate that on some level with you licking them. It’s not that men are crude or creepy, it’s an inherent part of our nature and we can’t turn it off. However, it can be controlled to a certain extent.

Okay, so let’s delve into the sweet sugary stuff that makes a man crumble to his knees. Here is a list of what to do and when to do it. After reading and studying this list you’ll be that flirtatious, gorgeous, luscious, and alluring creature you’ve always wanted to be!

The list:

smile_b_02-08-20121. Smiling– Yes, smiling is at least 50 percent of what you need to do. If you don’t smile then you might as well go home. However, there is a certain way you should smile and when to do it. For example, when you make eye contact, smile. If you are attracted to this person then continue smiling and add some eye contact. Most men think that if a woman smiles at him, that means she likes him.  If you’re already in a relationship then your man would really appreciate a friendly smile from you when he sees you. Smiling in combination with a few qualities on this list is going to make you noticeable!



Flirting-Body-Language-Signs2. Eye contact– Eye contact is big, men like it when women give eye contact. However, be frugal with the eye contact if you are not interested in him. When you’re interested look them deep in the eye so you can see the color of their eye in detail. This shows you are interested opposed to a quick glance. The eyes can be very alluring and seductive if you know how to use your eyes in that way. Eye contact should always be in conjunction with gesturing and other flirtatious movements on this list. To reiterate, look them deep into their eyes. Focus on the eyes without noticing any other part of their face or body. Practice this in a mirror, look at your eyes and see the details in the iris. If you look closely you’ll see different shades of colors and maybe different patterns of lines. Most people give eye contact without really seeing the eye. Most people can’t recall the exact color of their friends eyes, much less someone they just spoke to. 


images (8)3. Lips– If you have full size lips then learn how to use them. If your lips are average then we will make them stand out so they are noticeable. If you have very thin lips, then not all is lost because lips are just one of many ways to express your hidden talented flirtatious side. Makeup of course is one way to accentuate your lips so they are more noticeable. Remember, men will associate your lips with intimacy. They will fantasize how those lips feel on him. Keep in mind that the fantasy is a feeling and happens quickly. It is felt and not thought of as you may assume. The feeling comes through with hormones. Hormones that can cause a man to not think, but feel. It can make a man nervous and seem uneasy, maybe a bit clumsy. If this happens you are using your sexy girl skills to its potential   :wink:


couple-flirting-in-cafe4. Touch and Smell– a light touch on the arm or leg if you’re sitting down will suffice. You may not notice it but this drives a man’s T levels through the roof. Touching always shows that a person trust and is comfortable with you. Touch lightly, no grabbing and no punching. Body touching is another technique I’ve seen some women use. This is when a woman brushes her body up against a man’s body to get him excited. I’ve talked to some women who have admitted that this type of touching turns them on and it seems harmless and unintentional. Does this work? Yes! Most definitely. I know at dance sometimes a woman will walk past me and brush up against me if the floor is crowded. There is a technique to brushing up against someone. When you brush up against someone do it lightly to control the contact. Brush up gently (not a bump) as to not startle him but make sure it is smooth and noticeable. If this is done correctly he will most definitely reciprocate with a smile. As I mentioned above men get aroused easily, so be careful how you play this out. Most women that know what they are doing will brush up against a man while passing and say nothing and keep on walking. It wouldn’t be considered impolite or rude because it is done very smoothly and in very subtle. Smelling good is a given, right? Or at the least, no smell at all. It is better to have no odor then to smell like body odor. Always be clean in hygiene and in the way you look.

5. Gesturing– There is a whole science behind gesturing. If you are good at it, then you are in the driver’s seat. Hand and arm gesturing is not important, but moving your head and hips are. Remember, all that I mention here is done on a very subtle level where it is hardly noticeable. Tilting your head a bit while smiling is a sign of affection and a flirtatious act indeed. Men love it when a woman walks with a sway. If you walk in a feminine fashion then you have something that men really enjoy watching. Try looking in the mirror while you talk, are you boring? Add some movement and see the difference. try moving your head and body while you talk and smile. Remember to be very subtle. This is a slight movement, not anything harsh or abrupt.

6. Sexy Voice– what kind of voice do you have? Is it soft or loud? Do you talk fast or slow? Soft and slow wins the race. A nice feminine soft voice when spoken at an even pace is preferred. It also shows you are confident and not nervous. If a person is nervous then other people can feel it and it makes them feel uncomfortable. Talking too much, too fast and too loud is a sign of not being in control. While some men may seem attracted to women that are very social and loud, bottom line, it is a facade. Most men are attracted to women that are friendly but reserve a good amount of their attention to their man and not everyone else. I’m sure women feel the same way. Also, men are attracted to a sexy laugh. If you have a good laugh, not too loud, but cute, you’ll win a man’s attention quickly. As a side note, if you are in a relationship and having sex, being vocal turns a guy on. But not just being vocal, you can’t sound like a moose in heat. How many men have I spoke to that have complained about their significant other making weird noises during love making? Lots! I’m sure equally with men. A voice or certain sound can be very sexy in and out of the bedroom. However, you can practice making sexy noises and sounds during love making, it will make a huge and incredible difference! You can actually go on Youtube and look up “sexy sounds while love making.”

images (7)7. Hair– Well, we all like thick hair, right? Unfortunately not everyone has a lions mane to boast about. The only thing I can say about hair is most men like long hair opposed to short hair. Hair is not as important as the rest of the list because some women can look real sexy with short hair. Certain hair styles will go well with your specific body shape. If you do have long hair you can do a lot with it. You can be playful and cover your face, or just one side of it. This drives a man crazy especially when you add the playing with your lips, how you move your eyes and a soft sexy voice. If you’ve had the same hair style for years then maybe it is time for a change? Life can be exciting and changing how you look periodically can be exciting too. The opposite of change is boring  :wink:


shadow-love8.Timing and body language- Without timing you have nothing. You’ve heard the saying, “Timing is everything” While that isn’t necessarily true with everything it is most certainly true when it comes to flirting. The picture on the left can be seen metaphorically. Two people passing each other and maybe missing out on an opportunity of love. If you look carefully at the picture, the shadow on the wall depicts a possible romantic encounter. How often do we miss out on these opportunities? I can tell you from personal experience that I have missed several opportunities because of fear of rejection or I thought the timing was off. Thinking the timing was off was just an excuse on my part. Timing however can be created. Sometimes you just need to take a chance and see what happens. You can improve your chances greatly by how you feel about yourself. You never want to go shopping when you are hungry, so don’t go shopping for men when you’re lacking a lot confidence. Timing is essential when approaching a man, make sure he is available and not preoccupied. You can study him first and see if you recognize any patterns. Patterns meaning, how is his personality? Is he approachable? Watch him to see how he communicates with other people. When you begin to flirt with him watch (feel) his body language. Remember, body language is the result of someones feelings. Their feelings are expressed outwardly to encourage a body movement. If you can sense their feelings before it manifest into a body movement then you’ll be one step ahead of everyone else. The body is a reaction of the source, which are the persons feelings. We are constantly receiving input from other people on a non-verbal level. If you are sensitive to other peoples feeling you’ll know what to do or what not to do. Most people have triggers and some triggers are big so be on alert. Criticizing of any kind is a big trigger for everyone. Good luck!  :cool:  

about-models9. Clothes and makeup – Clothes can make a huge difference. Guys not unlike girls like a body in a snug fitting pair of jeans. Not any jeans, but the ones that are in style. If you know how to move your butt in those jeans then you have a deadly combination. Remember, most guy’s on some level associate what you do flirtatiously with having sex. I have heard some women boast about how attractive they look without makeup. I knew a women once that looked amazingly beautiful with her makeup on. However, not to criticize but seeing her for the first time in the morning without makeup was a big shock. Don’t over emphasize your natural look. Here’s a rule of thumb you can follow to prevent some trepidation when your friend/partner sees you someday without makeup. Makeup should never be worn to the excess where you look totally different without it. A person should recognize you easily without your makeup.


images (6)10. Cleavage– Don’t get all excited! If you have small breast that is not a problem. Besides most men prefer women with firm supple breast over breast that sag. Eventually if the relationship goes well he will see you au naturel.  A woman is more impressive with some cleavage showing over someone that is covered up. When a man sees a woman with cleavage he can’t help to think what she would look like bare breasted. Again, this is part of our nature and nothing to be ashamed of. I’m just letting women know how a typical male thinks, or should I say “feels” Too much cleavage is too much. Yes, guy’s will look hungry when they see breast that are on display. They may feel their hormone levels rise but the reality of it is different. Leave just enough to the imagination, believe me, that is much more sexier than too much reveal. One of the first things guy’s look at are the breast. It is one of the physical things that separate a man from a woman. To reiterate, you don’t have to have large breast, just enough to leave to the imagination.


Not everyone is going to be adept or proficient at all these qualities I list here. YOU DON’T NEED TO APPLY ALL OF THE QUALITIES LISTED HERE. I’m just listing the top ten, however, if you capitalize on just a few, maybe three or four, then that should suffice. This is just a reference and should not be taken one hundred percent literal. That means not every man will respond exactly the same. So while some of these techniques may work on one person, it may not work on another.Timing plays a big part in this too. We are dealing with human beings here and humans have moods that can change depending on so many variables. You may feel and look sexy, however, the person you’re trying to impress may feel the opposite. That said, nothing you do will work on a person that is feeling angry, upset, frustrated, unworthy etc. Timing is everything, learn to read body language and play your game safely and most of all have fun doing it. Some women are natural flirts. watch them next time and see what you can learn. Another tip is to be different, but not weird different. You want to be unique. That means you have something to offer that stands out, because most people act pretty much the same. For example, there may be something unique you already do, like a sound you make or how you move your head when you talk. Watch other women and observe. I’m a big people watcher, not to be nosy, but to observe and learn. Be playful, but be careful. I have given you some hard core information that can make a huge difference in your dating career. Also, keep in mind this is not something to sell yourself with. You don’t act a certain way to capture your partner and then stop. This is not a senseless game, you need to continue to be playful and attractive to your partner and your partner needs to do the same. Practice being the person you want to be already in a relationship. Don’t wait to have a relationship and expect to change for the better, that never works.

One more thing, when you do something unique people will remember you, especially when it concerns sexual desires. Guy’s will think about a certain thing you did for days or weeks afterwards if that thing you did or wore was a hormone inducer. Leaving some and just enough to the imagination is the key here. Give them something to think about.

Have fun!


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